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The dives are done under conditions of maximum safety. The boats are equipped with oxygen, which the instructors are trained to use. The instructors are all local and therefore very familiar with the terrain.
In addition to the reassuring guidance of professionals, we offer the additional security of immediate access to Campania's hyperbaric chambers.

The centre and its instructors are insured with DAN EUROPE, which has agreements with the best hyperbaric underwater-medicine centres in Europe and is part of the World Organisation for Underwater First Aid, which makes highly qualified medical personnel available 24/24 and is in direct contact with local hyperbaric chambers and with Helihelp.

All of this means that our guests benefit from the safest, most qualified service.
Hyperbaric chambers in Campania.

Hyperbaric chambers in Campania
Ospedale Santobono-Centro Reg.di Med. Subacquea ed Iperbarica
Via M. Fiore, 6 - Napoli
FAX 081-2205790
Ist. Anestesia I-Ateneo Univ.-Serv.Ossigenoterapia Iperbarica
Via Pansini, 5 - Napoli
Via T.Schipa - Napoli
Ist. Mediterraneo di Med. Subaquea
Via Europa,23 - Castellamare S. (NA)
TEL.081-8726730 FAX 081-669393
Casa di Cura M.Rosaria - Camera Iperbarica
Via S.Bartolomeo,50 - Pompei (NA)
Iper srl
Via Celle, 2 - Pozzuoli (NA)
TEL.081-5359111 FAX 081-5267745
Centro GF c/o Clinica Villa dei Fiori - Centro OTI
Corso Italia,1 - Acerra (NA)
Via Margotta, 32 - Salerno
Ospedale "Umberto I" - Camera Iperbarica
Via F. Ricco, 50 - Nocera Inferiore (SA)
Azienda Ospedaliera Moscati di Avellino
Viale Italia - Avellino
TEL.0825-203323 FAX 0825-32625
Azienda Ospedaliera di Caserta - Amb. OTI
Via G. Tescione, 1 - Caserta (CE)
TEL.0823-232361/346 FAX 0823-232507
Ospedale S.Giovanni di Dio - Servizio di Terapia Iperbarica
Località San Leonardo - Salerno
TEL.089- 672111  


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