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The dives we offer, in the midst of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, promise you an unforgettable holiday.

You will be welcomed by Gaetano and our friendly staff, all of whom will do their utmost to ensure that your days are enjoyable and relaxing.

Diving is open all year-round, but during cooler periods it is recommended that you reserve in advance, always bearing in mind that there are magnificent underwater sights, such as the underwater crèche, accessible even during the cold season.

Photo We provide the following courses:
World Underwater Federation – NASE courses, which we have been offering for years to both young and old.
Our courses are held under conditions of maximum safety and our instructors are experienced professionals. The courses range from basic to instructor-level and include various special courses (underwater photography, underwater archaeology, underwater video, marine biology, night diving, videoing in grottoes and on wrecks, etc).
Our certifications include:
Open Water I Open Water II Advanced
Rescue-First Aid Dive Master Instructor
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